The Green Dragon Inn

The Green Dragon™ Inn featured in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy as the local meeting place for all the residents of Hobbiton. It was the perfect place to satisfy their thirst, enjoy a meal and gossip about the comings and goings of The Shire. The inn also makes an appearance in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

All the interior scenes for the films were shot in studios in Wellington, but now that same interior has been faithfully recreated at Hobbiton Movie Set. Our guests now walk to The Green Dragon as part of their tour and can step inside this amazing building.

As part of your Hobbiton™ Movie Set tour all guests will now visit the inn and will receive one complimentary refreshment of our exclusively crafted Southfarthing™ range.

The Green Dragon Inn has a blackboard menu available of traditional Hobbit fare. The Green Dragon Inn also has a function menu available to preorder for inbound groups or private tours which during the day will be served in the themed Marquee. 

The Green Dragon™ Bar

Step inside the bar at The Green Dragon Inn and you are immediately transported to Middle-Earth.

The interior of the inn is an exact reproduction of that which featured in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

Our Southfarthing range is traditionally brewd for Hobbiton Movie Set, right here in Middle-Earth™, New Zealand. Served from the barrels of The Green Dragon Inn, our Southfarthing range captures the taste of The Shire™, home of the Hobbits. 

  Girdley™ Fine Grain
Amber Ale
Colour: Light Brown
Smell: Caramel, tangelo, herbal
Taste: Light, malty, sweet
We brewed our Amber ale with a classic English bitter in mind. This beer is about rich caramel malts and is the perfect ale to relax with after a long journey.  
ABV: 3.7%
  Oatbarton™ Brew
Traditional English Ale
Colour: Black
Smell: Chocolate, coffee, vanilla
Taste: Roastieness, chocolate
Intended to emulate the beer styles of Olde England, this dark ale has strong malty tones. With a balance of cocoa and coffee, our traditional ale is enough to beer hair on anyones feet. 
ABV: 5%
  Sackville™ Cider
Apple Cider
Colour: Golden delicious yellow
Smell: Vinous, Granny Smith apple
Taste: Tart, sweet, refreshing
This cider bursts onto the palate with a balance of fruity succulence and subtle tartness. The finish is crisp and will satisfyingly quench any thirst after a hard day in the field.  
ABV: 4.5%
  Frogmorton Ginger Beer
Ginger Beer
Colour: light bronze, cloudy
Smell: spicy ginger, zesty, sweet
Taste: sweet, tart, crisp
Spicy ginger perfectly balanced with sweetness and tartness.  this non-alcoholic brew is ideal for those driving the cart home.

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