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Hobbiton™ Summer Solstice

Spend the longest day of the year wandering the paths of Hobbiton™ Movie Set… Join us on Friday 21st December 2018 for a four hour celebration of the summer season.

You will have the chance to experience Middle-earth as you have never seen it before; your journey will begin with a fully guided tour of The Shire™ at dusk. Hobbiton Movie Set is an experience to tantalise the senses as guests find themselves engulfed in the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of The Shire, at the home of the Hobbits™, as featured in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogies. Your guide escorts you through the twelve-acre site recounting fascinating details of how the movie set was created.

At the conclusion of your tour you will arrive into the Market Place which will be bursting with traditional Hobbit fare and you will be invited to taste a little piece of Middle-earth. You will be able to move freely throughout the Market Place area where there will be roaming themed entertainment mingling amongst the guests and themed interactive games set up where prizes can be won! Our garden bars will be scattered throughout the area with the Southfarthing range on tap; as well as a selection of Middle-earth wines and various non-alcoholic beverage options.

A variety of Hobbit themed catering stalls will be scattered around the market place allowing you to experience Hobbiton in a truly unique way. Catering will include hearty Hobbit sized canapés available from the market stalls and circulated by our staff during the evening as well as roast meats, freshly baked breads, fresh vegetable produce, desserts, NZ cheeses and fruits to be available at your guests fingertips.

The Green Dragon™ Inn featured in The Lord of the Rings trilogy as the local meeting place for all the residents of Hobbiton. It is the perfect place for guests to satisfy their thirst, enjoy a beef and ale hotpot and numerous other goodies fresh from The Green Dragon kitchen. A hobbit feast will be waiting by the open fire place, the feast is designed to incorporate everything that keeps a Hobbits cheeks plump and as is the tradition in the Shire, second helpings are encouraged.

The fully themed party marquee is directly behind the Green Dragon Inn and will offer a quieter area for guests to sit back and enjoy the views of the village. The marquee is a replica of the tent seen at Bilbo’s eleventy-first birthday party. The exterior is beautifully created from yellow painted canvas and the interior is fully themed with colourful bunting and lanterns creating a festival-like atmosphere.

As part of this Summer Solstice experience, guests can make their way back through the wandering paths of Hobbiton. The trails will be illuminated and handheld lanterns will be provided amongst the guests to help light the way. This stunning journey under moonlight will travel through the village breathtakingly lit up with Hobbit Hole chimney’s smoking and lanterns glowing against the darkness. Evening tours will depart regularly from outside The Green Dragon Inn. 

Hobbiton™ Summer Solstice includes

  • A tour of Hobbiton Movie Set
  • Hobbit Southfarthing beverages on tap throughout the evening
  • Marketplace entertainment
  • Interactive games with prizes to be won
  • Themed dinner and dessert served from the marketplace and inside the venue
  • Access to the Hobbiton Retail shop
  • Evening lantern tour

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Hobbiton™ Summer Solstice

Spend the longest day of the year wandering the paths of Hobbiton™ Movie Set… Join us on Friday 21st December 2018 for a four hour celebration of the summer season.

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