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Choose a Tour

Venture Beyond The Door

The door has opened on a new adventure and we invite you to step inside and explore the humble home of a typical Hobbit™ family.

All tours of Hobbiton Movie Set now include an interior Hobbit Hole™ experience, designed and crafted by the renowned creative teams behind The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies. Located on Bagshot Row™, these Hobbit Holes offer an authentic glimpse into the charming dwellings of Hobbits going about their daily lives in the Shire™.

Mind your head as you wander and weave through the maze of rooms and hallways, all constructed with a Hobbit’s stature in mind. Intricate hand-painted details and carvings adorn the walls, complemented with a plethora of colourful hand-stitched linens and decorative flourishes throughout. 

Hints of the inhabitants’ family lineage is seeded throughout, with heirlooms and trinkets from generations of Hobbits from yesteryear, a well-stocked pantry with all the fixings to cater for their seven daily meals, and a cracking hearth all give a peek into the lives these halflings lead…


Bagshot Development FAQ's

  • What is Bagshot Row?

    Bagshot Row is a lane with three Hobbit Holes in the hillside including Samwise Gamgee’s iconic yellow door. When you arrive at Bagshot Row your tour group will be split into two and invited to explore one of the two fully themed Hobbit Hole interiors cosy enough for a family of Hobbits. 

    Please note that Sam’s home is an exterior facade only and is not be accessible. 

  • How long do tours spend inside the Hobbit Hole?

    You will have around 16 minutes to explore the interior of the Hobbit Hole with your tour guide.

  • Will I be split up from the people that I am travelling with?

    When you reach the Bagshot Row portion of your tour where your tour group will split into two, your guide will remind you to ensure you are with any family and friends who you would like to enter the Hobbit Hole with and will give you some time to do this. When you reach the other side of Bagshot Row, you will be reunited with your full tour group before continuing with the rest of your tour experience.

  • Can we choose which Hobbit Hole we enter?

    When your tour group is split into two, your tour guide will allocate each group to one of the two Hobbit Holes. 

    Please keep in mind that both Hobbit Holes have a slightly different footprint  but are designed to provide our visitors with an identical experience, so no matter which Hobbit Hole you explore, you will all be taking part in a similar experience.

  • I’m really tall, will I still be able to go inside the Hobbit Hole?

    Yes! Bagshot Row has been designed to welcome Hobbits and Wizards alike. Because the interiors of the Hobbit Holes have been designed at an 83% scale, we just ask that you take care around low ceilings and archways and mind your head. 

  • I have accessibility concerns. Where can I find more information?

    You will find detailed information about accessibility on our accessibility page here. If you have any further questions or need assistance with making your booking, please feel welcome to contact our team.

  • Will there be accommodation at Bagshot Row?

    Bagshot Row is a portion of the overall tour experience and will not be available to stay in. There is no accommodation available at Hobbiton Movie Set. 
    For hotel, motel and other accommodation options in the Waikato region, visit 
    www.waikatonz.com/accommodation or contact a local isite or visitor information centre.

  • I’ve been to Hobbiton Movie Set for a tour in the past. Can I see the new Bagshot Row interior without doing a full tour experience?

    To ensure all our guests have the complete experience the only way to visit Bagshot Row is by joining a fully guided Hobbiton Movie Set tour. 

  • Can I take photos inside the Hobbit Hole?

    Absolutely! We encourage you to take photos and capture memories while on tour with us. You are welcome to sit on the chairs, we ask that you please do refrain from placing shoes on any furniture.

    Please use handheld equipment only as drone use is not permitted and be aware that any photos and video recordings taken on set are for personal use only and not to be sold or distributed for commercial gain due to our licensing agreements with the film companies. 

  • What can I touch inside the Hobbit Hole?

    The interior of the Hobbit Hole is designed to be a fully immersive experience, you are welcome to touch and feel any props and theming while you explore. We ask that you please be gentle with props and take care not to place your shoes on any of our Hobbit’s furniture. 

  • Is Bagshot Row child friendly?

    Yes, Bagshot Row is designed for the whole family to enjoy. We kindly ask that children are supervised closely by the adult accompanying them at all times while on tour. 

  • Can I bring my pram inside Bagshot Row?

    You can bring a stroller or a pram on tour with you provided it is fully collapsible and can fit in the luggage compartment of our buses. 

    It is important to note that the Movie Set paths are made of cobblestones and dirt tracks and the interiors of Bagshot Row includes a range of flooring meaning it is bumpy and uneven in places. The paths are also quite narrow in places throughout the Movie Set and Bagshot Row and there are some low level stairs to climb so you may need an extra adult to assist you with the stroller/pram in some locations.

    Twin strollers are not recommended due to the narrowness of the paths and may not fit inside Bagshot Row.

  • Will there be flashing lights inside?

    No, there will not be flashing lights inside the Hobbit Hole. You can expect soft lighting befitting of a cosy Hobbit Hole. 

  • Do I have to go inside the Hobbit Hole?

    If you do not feel comfortable entering the Hobbit Hole, please let your guide know, they will be happy to escort you around the outside of Bagshot Row where you can reunite with the rest of your group on the other side. 

  • Can we go into Bag End?

    Access to Bag End is not permitted on tour. 
    Bagshot Row is home to the only Hobbit Holes on the Movie Set with fully themed interiors. The other Hobbit Holes you pass around the Movie Set remain external facades.

  • Can we take props from the Interior Hobbit Hole?

    Please refrain from taking any props from inside Bagshot Row or anywhere on the Movie Set. Our wonderful Set Dressing team put a lot of effort into creating these themed spaces for all of our visitors to enjoy so please think of those who will be visiting after you.